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About wabi Sabi Threads

Helping you feel beautiful on the inside and out, while feeling good about your purchase. That’s why we’re here.


Our kimonos have been hand-selected with you in mind. Each Wabi Sabi Threads’ kimono and haori is one-of-a-kind, we have yet to come across two alike. We guarantee no one else will have a kimono like yours!


Good for the environment.  The average American throws away around 80 pounds of used clothing every year, adding up to over 15 million tons of used textiles every year in the US alone. Since each kimono we sell is a vintage or antique piece, no waste was produced in the manufacturing process. We encourage sustainable and ethically sourced shopping.


We believe in the practice of “wabi sabi,” to embrace imperfect beauty. We are passionate about empowering women across the globe and give back to the community with each purchase made.

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