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One of the most challenging WABI SABI Threads’ vintage items to find is an Indigo Shibori piece in perfect condition, that doesn't cost an arm and a leg. At last! We are proud to share this pristine shibori yukata with you! Don't forget to admire the intricate dying process that took place. Each individual circle in the pattern was tied then the fabric was dyed indigo, creating the unique texture that you feel. If you weren't hooked on the shibori dyeing process before, you will be after you own this remarkable treasure! *Please note: the last three modeled photos are of a slightly different shibori yukata. This product pattern is the actual pattern of the first close up photo. The final three photos are to show how the cotton shibori yukata lays while wearing. 


• One-of-a-kind

• Vintage cotton yukata

• One size fits most

Hooked on Shibori

SKU: K154
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