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WABI SABI threads

Embracing imperfect beauty


Vintage Japanese kimono & haori.


All garments are made in Japan. Each piece holds a slice of history that is waiting to be rediscovered and retold. The essence of the Japanese kimono is waiting for you to embrace its beauty.

Vintage Japanese Kimono & Haori
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Kimono (pronounced key-mo-no)

Full length. Available in various prints, lengths, and fabrics.

Kimono literally translates as, "thing to wear." It is traditionally wrapped left side over the right, and tied with a sash called an "obi." When dressing traditionally, the kimono fabric is folded several inches over around the mid-section of the body.

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Thigh-length, and traditionally worn as a light-weight coat over the kimono. The haori was designed differently than the kimono and does not need to be wrapped closed when worn traditionally. It can occasionally be tied in the center by a small string, or worn open in front. The kimono and haori are flattering on all body types!

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