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What is "WABI SABI"?

...and why is it the name of a kimono brand?

"Wabi Sabi" is a Japanese concept of appreciating the BEAUTY of natural IMPERFECTIONS & FLAWS. It gives permission for a more profound GRACE & PEACE with relationships, material things, and oneself. In Japan, if a tea bowl breaks, it is common to assemble it back into one piece and fill the cracks with gold. If something is old or broken, it still has value and does not always need to be discarded. 

We believe that this concept is crucial to living a life filled with joy and contentment. It does not mean that you quit striving for improvements, but rather seeing the beauty of the unfinished, flawed, uniqueness of existence. 

Our kimonos and hoop artwork pieces are one-of-a-kind vintage Japanese treasures. They have all been hand selected and hold a slice of history, just waiting to be retold and rediscovered. 

Let our kimonos remind you to practice "Wabi Sabi" thinking and daily appreciation of beauty right where you are today. 

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